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Using Web Standards with Macromedia Contribute


Looking at Each Site



Comparison Between Contribute 2 and Contribute 3

Feature Contribute 2 Contribute 3
Can make areas of the page non-editable by users? Yep. Yep.
Renders CSS Not positional. Yep. Pretty well.
Hides CSS Not at all Yep.
Hides Scripting Yep. Yep.

Rendering CSS-P

Contribute 2

Contribute 3

Hiding Styles

Old Way

New Way

Using Includes

Contribute without Dreamweaver

Contribute 3

Integrating Contribute with other applications


Macromedia Products and Standards

Web Standards General Resources

Learning how to code to the standards
Setting up Dreamweaver to Produce Compliant Code
Standards Advocacy
Other Resources
Buttons, tabs, nav-menus and other nifty things
Standards Books