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Client list

As a member of a larger team, I have designed sites for larger and more diverse companies in many sectors.

Some of my clients include:

web developer
lead web developer
IBM Global Business Services
lead web developer
Bradford Productions
consulting, web site design
Trinity College
CMS implementation, management of web producers, HTML development and web design production
Ryserson University School of Disability Studies
consulting and web site design
Hygeia Corporation
web application development and web site design
VFM Interactive
application interface design
web standards consulting
HTML development
CNA Insurance Canada
CMS consulting

Examples of work

Decanter Magazine

A sample of the HTML email for Decanter magazine

For several years I produced designs for HTML emails promoting special events at Decanter Magazine. Working closely with the magazine's marketing manager to fit their print promotions material into an email format, while ensuring the design is fresh and distinctive.

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Jono Symonds Photography

A sample of the Jonosymonds.co.uk site

I worked closely with the photographer and his partner to provide an online platform for this photographer to relaunch his photography business with a new focus on weddings and makeover photography, while still highlighting his extensive experience in music photography.

The client had already chosen a WordPress theme and wanted significant modifications in both design and functionality, which were accommodated on a very tight budget.

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Sahara Atlas Tours

A sample of the Sahara Atlas Tours site

This site, in its original incarnation, increased the number of enquiries and ultimately the amount of business that this tour operator was able to attract.

The business has since gone from strength to strength, while the site has been updated several times - and now includes a mobile version.

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Discover the Real Morocco

A sample of the Discover the Real Morocco site

I worked with a couple who have a strong connection to a small village in Morocco. To encourage tourism - and especially increase bookings at a friend's 4x4 tour company - the couple commissioned this site. Using the gorgeous photographs produced by the couple, I designed the site to give the feel of Morocco, drawing the user in and giving them a taste of what they would find if they booked a holiday to Morocco.

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A sample of the Childcarepolicy.net Web site
  • a site updateable by the client using Wordpress
  • the original design was completed several years ago and was conceived from scratch with no existing print or online material or logos, and this year the current design was updated by adapting a commercially available WordPress theme,
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Trinity College

A sample of the Trinity Web site

I was the web master at Trinity College in 2006/2007 and developed and designed large parts of their site. I worked closely with members of the web site committee and sourced resources and took guidance from the university community.

While there, I migrated the entire site to Drupal in a one-week time period, facilitated the initial shift to online fundraising, and ensured that information security and data protection regulations, accessibility guidelines and web standards were followed.